What does tropical, dynamic Bio-Farm mean?
The organic certified farm Rancho Tranquilo is cultivating different species of economic products on about 10 hectarias. The farm lays his main focus on growing organic products like Noni, Bananas and Cacoa. But ofcourse you will find a lot more herbs, fruits and vegetales - all grown in a biological way.  We also transform our productos to goodies such as chocolate,yellies,acai concentrate and much moore...


In cooperation with ACAPRO, a cooperativa of small local bio farmers, they produce a Bio-Banana-Vinagre of high quality. This product is very much asked on the national as well as on the international market. The cooperation also delivers bio bananas to the local market.

This relatively new product - here you can find some Infos about it: NONI-JUS, is also produced through ACAPRO for the national as well as the international market.


The processing of Cacoa at Rancho Tranquilo is still made in a traditional way. Here you find some Infos about  CACOA . The here produced raw cacoa is selled on the national market for further processing like cacoa drinks, chocolate, aso. Rancho Tranquilo produces as well a small amount of home made chocolate.


Of course all the necesary wood needed at Rancho Tranquilo like to build houses aso. is been taken out of our own forest. Also trees which fell down through a storm we use for our purposes.

Rancho Tranquilo is a paradise for all kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Also flowers grow here plentifully.